On Vacay? Turn Off That Water Heater With Your Phone

Water heater manufacturer Noritz has added a new Wi-Fi adapter to some of its tankless units, a move that allows homeowners to manage the products from an app on their smart phones.

“Instead of overwhelming the user with stockpiles of technical data, we have aimed to create an app that provides only the basics that homeowners care about in a user-friendly menu,” explains Jason Fleming, vice president of sales and marketing at Noritz.

The adapter operates on a 2.4 GHz frequency band and plugs easily into a connection port on the unit. It’s the only Wi-Fi adapter on the market that can be installed both indoors or outdoors, the manufacturer says. There is an LED readout on the front cover that indicates the system’s status.

Once they have downloaded the Noritz Connect app, homeowners can turn their heater on and off, view and adjust the temperature, check for errors, monitor energy usage, and detect harmful buildup.

The Noritz Connect WiFi app brings your tankless water heater fully into the internet of things and the growing trend of “smart home” technology. When paired  with the Noritz wireless adaptor, the app lets you remotely monitor and adjust various data and features on your tankless water heater.