InSinkErator Badger Heavy Duty Garbage Disposal

Our Badger 5XP garbage disposal offers a heavy duty motor and space-saving compact design. The InSinkErator Badger® Series garbage disposals are a reliable and functional choice when affordability is the prime concern. Choose from three Badger Series garbage disposal models, each with a space-saving compact design. Features 3/4 Horsepower Dura-Drive® Induction Motor Galvanized Steel Construction[…]

InSinkErator’s Evolution Compact Garbage Disposal

The Evolution Compact® garbage disposal is perfect for small households and houses with restricted cabinet space. The space saving design provides a perfect fit for smaller households or families who don’t cook as much. The InSinkErator Evolution Compact garbage disposal is powerful enough to grind foods such as potato peels and carrot peels, while still[…]

How a Garbage Disposal Works

How a Garbage Disposal Works Many people think a garbage disposal works like a blender, with spinning blades chopping and breaking down the waste. In reality garbage disposals work in a different way – and there are NO blades involved. Instead, impellers, or lugs, mounted on a spinning plate use centrifugal force to continuously force[…]

Fresh Kitchen Collection from InSinkErator

Change Your Kitchen for the Fresher. Transform your sink into a hub of bright colors and uplifting scents with Fresh Kitchen – the new collection from InSinkErator ® Fresh Kitchen Food Waste Disposer The colorful, scented disposer that freshens itself with every use. Equipped with INJEX Liquid Injection Technology, it delivers uplifting scent to your[…]