New Price Pfister Products at KBIS 2018


Rhen, Pfister’s newest bath collection exudes elegance and grace as it captures the movement of fabric. With more than 100 new items including faucets, showering products and accessories that exude this fluid elegance, Rhen stands apart in a way no other faucet design has before. The collection’s initial muse was an heirloom wedding gown interwoven with flowing drapery details. The collection will be available throughout U.S. kitchen and bath showrooms Fall 2018.

With Rhen, Pfister also revealed the novel peek-a-boo trough. Unlike standard troughs, Rhen’s petite spout seamlessly delivers water that follows its graceful curvature. This unique interpretation of the classic trough coyly gives the user a peek into the waterway. Rhen products and accessories include faucets, bathing and showering products, as well as bath accessories. Each piece embodies the sculpturesque design, artisan craftsmanship and attention to detail that work together to give this regal collection its breathtaking effect. Finishes for Rhen include polished chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and brushed gold.

Available in the summer of 2018, the new, extensive FORTIS Gattinara and Vitrina bath collections will include showering products, roman tubs, and accessories. The Gattinara collection was designed from the concept of organic flowing water from the rocks one would find in the crisp, clean streams and lakes near the Italian Alps. The Gattinara is a new take on a trough faucet with the mechanism for the trough becoming central to the design of the faucet itself. The name comes from the northern Italian wine region of Gattinara, which produces bold, red wines that evoke the bold, modern aesthetic and natural beauty of the faucet.

The Vitrina collection was inspired by the flowing shape of seagulls in flight. In the lake district of Northern Italy, seagulls will follow the small boats each day as they leave the dock to fish for the daily catch. The designer was inspired by these birds’ fluidity and the profile of their wings to create a collection that feels like it could take flight in spite of its brass construction. The name Vitrina means “window” and evokes the image of Lake Orta with its clear-as-glass surface. The FORTIS Vitrina bath collection will be available Summer 2018 exclusively through Ferguson.


Pfister proudly introduced two, all-new showerhead technologies: ThermoForce™ and HydroFuse™. ThermoForce™ technology heightens the showering experience by providing the perfect coverage, force and heat retention for water flow. ThermoForce™ is a specially engineered system of four spray nozzles that enhances coverage by creating intersecting cone-shaped streams that provide 320 percent more coverage for a satisfying drenching effect. (Coverage is measured in accordance with EPA WaterSense Specifications for Showerheads.) The technology optimizes heat through larger nozzle openings that allow for larger droplets—which retain heat longer—resulting in an invigorating shower. Lastly, ThermoForce™ expertly regulates water pressure to strike an optimal balance between water conservation and an invigorating, luxurious experience.

HydroFuse™ creates a spectacular showcase of water. Strategically placed directional nozzles create a dramatic mesh-like spray pattern inspired by the architecture of London’s King’s Cross railway station. The streams and center nozzle were engineered to create geometric patterns before they elegantly collide. The collision breaks up the water streams into large drenching droplets that retain their soothing temperature longer and offer an increase in coverage.


Pfister’s showroom is further expanding its range of finishes with the addition of brushed gold. Showcasing a sophisticated luster with a flair of luxury, the brushed gold finish answers the significant style comeback of warm and opulent finishes, as well as the shift in style preferences toward gold-hued details. Pfister’s brushed gold is available in two collections, Park Avenue and Contempra, and will be available in the new Rhen collection.

To satisfy the growing demand for matte black finishes, Pfister is expanding this existing finish in various kitchen and bath collections, including the new Stellen pull-down faucet and the new Rhen collection, as well as the new Deckard collection.