Fluidmaster Perfoermax Toilet Fill Valve

Most powerful fill valve on the market. The 400AH is also known as the 400ARHR. The PerforMAX® fill valve is best used in toilet manufactured from 1985 to current time and will work in most toilets. To see if the fill valve will fit in your toilet measure the flush valve drain (overflow pipe) from bottom of the tank to its open ended top. If the flush valve drain is 7 inches or taller the PerforMAX® valve should fit.

Some toilet models not supported, Flapperless, One Piece Toilets  and Side Entry Valves.

  • Easy to install
  • Refills quickly
  • Features Ultra Quiet Fill
  • 2X greater refill rate than standard fill valves
  • Helps prevent excessive or inadequate bowl fill level