This is how the toilet was invented — and actually got its name

Q: One evening as friends and I were discussing the vital topics of the day, I happened to mention that the flush toilet was invented back in Elizabethan times by some nobleman named “John.” Hence, for centuries, men in particular have said they are “going to the john,” i.e., bathroom. My friends think I’m nuts![…]

The Most Popular Bath Splurges This Year

If you’re considering remodeling your master bathroom, which features do you most want to upgrade? If you’re like a large contingent of renovating homeowners who shared their priorities with Houzz recently, your shower area may top the list. Showers are a popular feature to change: The survey found that 81 percent of renovating homeowners upgraded[…]

5 Kitchen Trends of the Future

Surfacing manufacturer Cosentino and The Silestone Institute have published their 2017 Global Kitchen Study, which forecasts that connectivity will be the most important kitchen trend that will rise in popularity between today and 2042. The annual study took information from interviews with 17 kitchen and food experts and a survey of 842 kitchen and bath[…]

How to Replace a Badger Garbage Disposal with Evolution Compact

If it’s time to replace a garbage disposal you have a few options. If you choose to replace your existing InSinkErator Badger® garbage disposal with another Badger model, the current plumbing connection dimensions will match up and you can follow the step-by-step directions on the Installation, Care, and Use manual (ICU) in the box of[…]