EZ Series by Noritz

EZ SERIES? Engineered expressly for the North American residential market, the EZ Series of high-efficiency, condensing tankless water heaters from Noritz America are designed to cut installation time and cost when replacing larger, storage tank-type units. The Energy Star-rated EZ98-DV and EZ111-DV (Energy Factor: 0.97) join the previously released EZTR40 to provide professional installers and[…]

Moen Magnetix Technology

Magnetic showerhead technology never looked so romantic: Innovation, That Clicks. Enhanced Magnetix technology lets you release and return your shower head in a snap. Magnetix Handheld Showers It’s a Snap to Use™ Magnetix™ handheld showers are the first Moen products to include magnetic docking, which allows for easy release and securely snaps back into place[…]

Stainless Steel Sinks

The beauty of American Standard stainless steel Stainless steel sinks are a durable and long-lasting option for your next kitchen sink. These reliable sinks are offered with basins in a number of styles and shapes to fit the look of your kitchen. American Standard offers a brilliant selection of stainless steel sinks in different configurations.[…]

Spa Updates To Make to Your Bath

3 Key Solutions to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Getaway Retreat After a summer full of activities and the back-to-school frenzy, now is the perfect time to pamper yourself. The bathroom should be your sanctuary to completely relax. See below for key items that will transform your bathroom into a spa-like oasis. 1. Get the look Change the[…]

Artwork For Your Bathroom Floor

QuARTz Linear Drains allow the bathroom floor to take on a new dimension to become an integral part of the design. At QuARTz ACO ShowerDrain, we come from a place where simple design meets perfect functionality. Well known for our high-quality shower drainage products and exceptional customer care, we strive to create beautiful and timeless[…]